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Warranty & Repairs 


Our jewels are made from sterling silver 925. All sterling silver jewelry purchased at ANAPNOE is water-resistant and should not tarnish over time. Our gold plated jewelry is also made from sterling silver 925, the gold plated being between one or two microns.



Gold plated pieces are, by default, more delicate and can lose their gold color over time. The plating may fade for various reasons: skincare lotions or perfumes, the level of perspiration, or the skin’s natural pH. Plus, chlorine especially at high temperatures can damage or discolor your gold-plated jewelry.

  • When storing a piece, after wearing it, remove any excess dirt or oil by wiping it with a soft cloth before you put it away.

  • We recommend not to wear them underwater and to avoid alcohol, perfumes and oily lotions touching the jewelry directly as much as you can; even better, always put your jewelry on last when getting dressed. If exposed to any of the above the gold plating will tarnish and turn silver over time.

  • We recommend you clean all jewelry with bicarbonate powder every 6 months to achieve maximum shine.


Every handmade piece of jewelry requires a little extra attention from time to time. In case your jewelry requires repair at some point – if it can be repaired and the jewelry is not fully damaged – simply contact us at to explain the issue and our team will be in touch shortly.

Repairs are FREE, you will only be charged for the shipping costs. Once we receive it, we will repair yours and ship it back to you free of charge.

*Please note that for items that have been bought from any ANAPNOE stockists (and not from our website or showroom directly), repairs are not free of charge and are subject to a small fee.